Commissioning & Recoding Project

Latest Update November 2016

Just to let you know the good news that with those who have generously pledged support we have now raised £4200. This means that we are now able to commission the piece! With regards to the recording I have had various meetings, and although there are cheaper options, it is my considered view that Floating Earth is still the way forward for the quality of work they produce and their industry connections.

You will note that we have kept the target at £9000 but it has been pointed out to me that we may well need more than one day recording time! It has been suggested that JustGiving is another good way to potentially raise the remaining money needed.

We have been offered the chance to have a piece written by the leading composer Patrick Hawes. In brief Patrick has been a composer in residence at Classic FM for a number of years and has had numerous number one classical hits in the classical charts including ‘Towards the light’. Patrick most recently was commissioned by HRH Prince Charles to write The Highgrove Suite for the Royal harpist Claire Jones and The RPO, this also did very well in the Classic FM charts. Patrick is currently working on a clarinet concerto for Emma Johnson amongst other things. This is a very brief summary as he has won so many accolades. He also just signed a three CD recording deal with Decca. He has become a strong supporter of ours and wants to help us with the next step so he has offered to write for us. To be clear our next step is to have something written by a leading composer who loves the harp and will have the influence and the connections to get us air play on radio stations etc We will need to have a top-notch album to do this which I have learnt can only come from certain recording studios for it to be even considered any air-time at all. Patrick has suggested I get in touch with Floating Earth studios who record for him all the time. I  have made contact with the company.They have recorded everybody from Adele to all the main leading orchestras, and Katherine Jenkins- the list is endless.


Of course all of this costs a serious amount of money. Patrick would usually charge a thousand pound a minute for a finished piece so a six minute piece would cost 6K +VAT. Patrick has offered to write a six minute for 3K as he really believes in us and would like to help. This will become exclusively ours (usually we would have to hire it from him even though its our commission)and this would involve many consultations and rehearsals with him to get it right. He would like to have this premiered at Windsor Castle with Royalty present which given his connections isn’t unrealistic at all.

The recording –floating Earths fees are £1900 for a days recording and £2800 for editing. I would want to a record a whole album from a cross selection of our repertoire + a Christmas piece (thanks to Carolann for that sensible suggestion!)

In short we need to raise 9K for the entire project. If we are to go ahead with Patrick we will need to settle the invoice by February. However I will need to give him the go ahead by NEXT WEDNESDAY(October 19th) so he has time to write it for us. PLEASE can you let me know by return if this is something you could help us with and an idea of what you could donate BY MONDAY please. If I hear nothing and we are unable to raise the funds I will except the fact that we can’t go forward with this. Thank you to those of you doing cake stools and busking it all helps.

I believe this to be a wonderful opportunity and just the chance to work with Patrick would be incredible for us all. The recording would be a fantastic experience for all the members too.  I’m not entirely sure how all the money side of things work from air play royalties (daren’t think that far ahead!) but funds raised will help go towards general running costs, a harp lorry, electric harps, new harps and tours for us all to benefit from.

I do hope we can work together and make this happen.